Individualized Yogic Mobility or Life Coaching

Together, you and I devise a program that emphasizes how to work with instead of against your body with focused attention and intention, or help you dissolve any struggle you are having with living the life you’d like to live. Whether you want to climb mountains or simply sit more comfortably, write a book or meet your life partner, I can help you move more freely to feel better physically or help you gain the confidence to leave fear behind for good. Either way, I teach you how to slow down and cultivate mental stillness so that you can be more calm and peaceful in your daily life.

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From one of my clients:

“I came to Maya with hip dysfunction that limited me from activities I love. She created a routine which focused on unilateral positions, allowing me to feel the differences in my left and right sides and then, over time, to get the less mobile side closer to the other. She also showed how to use other objects, such as small balls and pipes, to do some self-massage between poses to help move things along.

Many of my issues with “yoga” were from me going full tilt to get into a position, a practice which she agreed was, in short, harmful. Instead, she advised me to use blocks, furniture, pillows and other things to support my limbs and trunk to adapt the pose to my own capabilities. I made tremendous gains in body awareness and am able to do things I feared would not be possible again because of Maya. 100% recommended”.

PW, Oakland, Ca.