Rising Star

rob-gonsalves-illusionI invite you to take a deep breath, now. You are about to experience the next step in your evolution. You have found the next clue in your treasure hunt: you are coming home to yourself.

Your natural state is love and light incarnate. You know that, you know that everything you need is inside you, and you feel you need some support to access and awaken what will take you to the next level.

You have been looking for a deeper, clearer connection to the infinite. You have been looking for more joy. Perhaps your mind is a turbulent sea of thoughts and it is challenging for you to calm it. You may think your chakras are blocked, or need balancing. You may feel ungrounded. You may have been a little depressed or you may feel a little out of sorts in your body.

Know that you are in perfect timing. Take another deep breath.

The Rising Star healing system cleanses the chakras and restores the chakras to their natural states. It raises the vibration of the energy field. It calms the mind and transfers divine life energy to the entire system – the mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

Rising Star infuses your entire being with light and puts a light grid in place that ultimately connects to the unified field.

I invite you to take a third deep breath.

I invite you to come and bask in the glory of the divine. Come to heal more of what ever is in the way of you fully recognizing your divine self. All that is required is that you are willing to heal – body and soul.

Rising star is a profoundly deep cleansing process, and requires 3-21 day cycles to manifest fully. There is a 3-week gap between each session to allow the energy to work on the 7 major charkas 3 times. From crown to root, root to crown and back again. 1 chakra will be worked on each day. Each charka will be worked on 3 times.

In the first session the mind has a tendency to want to follow what is going on and most people do not relax deeply, fully trust and let go. Just as the physical body takes time to adjust to a cleanse and manifest healing, all of your bodily systems need time to manifest the first level of healing for the Rising Star modality.

In the second session the cleansing has been in process for 21 days, so there is a greater feeling of well being. You know what to expect and feel much more relaxed and safe. The mind will let go of control more and deeper dis-ease can be looked at and worked on.

In the 3rd session the entire being surrenders to and is filled with light and love. More joy, love and peace will enter your life, your physical health will increase, and you will have more control of your mind, and more access to your heart space. You will feel greater connection to source.

Keep Breathing.

Private Healing Sessions are $180.00 each and are generally an hour in length. 3 sessions are recommended, 3 weeks apart. A series of 3 sessions is $500.00 for a savings of $40.00. Sign up for my newsletter and be gifted a short sample healing.

I was initiated into the Rising Star Healing System by master teacher Derek O’Neill. Link Here for more information.