Nurture the Spiritual Heart and Greet what Arrives in the Stillness






 St. Charles, Illinois June 27-30, 2018

Bathe in grace in this experiential retreat as your own breath and meditation guide you to profound levels of stillness. Learn to listen for Mother Earth’s teachings about the element of water in your being and on the planet as you are gently guided to fully awaken into the miracle of YOU, in safe, nurturing, like-minded community. Soak in healing waters of the Fox River and honor sacred sites. Return home understanding how to unleash your infinite potential through your connection to the element that comprises most of human form.  In addition:

  • Oxygenate Your Blood & Get Your Lymphatic System Working Optimally to Heal Aches, Pains and Illness
  • Turn On Your Body’s Natural Internal Antidepressants to Release Stress & Relax Fully
  • Learn How to Use Energy Masterfully to Manifest Your Ideal Life
  • Learn to Trust & Tune Your Intuition
  • Replace Fear, Resentment, & Disappointment with Love, Forgiveness & Joy
  • Clear Limiting Beliefs & Patterns…and So Much More

Tuition: $695.00

Samadhi Breathwork opens the spirit/mind/body to the breath to dissolve the obstacles of the mind, allowing us to walk the road to self-realization with more awareness. 

Your Facilitator would love to hear from you. Please sign up for my newsletter and request a free consultation. Inspired by life long studies in ancient mystery schools, practice as a yogini, and work as Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, I created Samadhi Breathwork to give myself and others a formula for freeing the mind permanently. Grounded in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, my method utilizes ancient knowledge still widely used and respected today to unleash particular states of consciousness known as samadhi.


with Kogi, Wiwa and Arhuaco Mamos 

Secrets of Jatuqua (The Sacred Mother of Water)

July 1-July 11 in the Great Lakes Area

Open to only 11 participants

Four Kogi, Wiwa and Ika Mamos will join us and share their sacred teachings in water divination in the Great Lakes area on the banks of the beautiful Fox River that flows into the Mississippi.

Enjoy a personal retreat on a nearly 4 acres of private forested land.

Learn how to speak to Jatuqua and more importantly how to listen to her.



Tuition: $3,405.00

Pay in Full and Receive a $200.00 Discount

Hold Your Space with a Deposit


Heart of North America Tour

Travel with mamos and zagas from the Sierra Nevada in Colombia across North America performing pagamento (payment to our Mother Earth for Her service to us)

Mamos and zagas are seers trained from a young age. Things we consider mystical are their matters of fact. They see the sacred sites of the planet as cosmic energy connectors to the universe and they’ve been tracking our sacred sites from a universal perspective, which means they’ve observed the past and seen the future and they’re worried about North America, so their coming to offer their very special form of help.

If you are reading this and are an Indigenous North American, the mamos and zagas of the Sierra would be honored to meet with you, share your burden and pray with you. They’ve heard the cries of your ancestors. They feel this is the time for all peoples to pray together for the health of The Mother.  If you’re open to our visit, please be in touch. below and we’ll gladly reach out in gratitude, brotherhood and sisterhood.

From the headwaters of the Mississippi  to Niagara Falls, The  Mother has asked 16 mamos and zagas  (4 per segment) to travel to be of service. Only 6 people can hop on our little yellow school bus and join us for a profound opportunity to rest in the heart of mother nature with shamans whose lives soul purpose is to serve The Mother.

Travel through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York with pick up and drop off at international airports along the way, every 2 weeks.

Yellowstone1st Segment: Bozeman, Montana  to Salt Lake City, Utah July 16-27







The Wave2nd Segment: Salt Lake City, Utah to Denver, Colorado July 28-August 11






Mount LeConte in autumn, Great Smoky Mountains Ntional Park, Tennessee, USA

3rd Segment: Denver, Colorado to Charlotte, North Carolina August 11-August 25





Niagara Falls 2

4th Segment: Charlotte, North Carolina to Niagara Falls, New York August 26-September 9

If you’d like to join us we request a minimum donation of $1100.00 a week to jump on the bus and help us with costs. Request More Information and an Application Below.

If you’d like to plan an event in your area with us we’d be grateful for the invitation!

If you can’t join us but would like to help us funraise please make a donation below.

Donate $4.00

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Donate $444.00

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Thank you so much.

Who are the mamos and zagas of the Sierra Nevada?

They are the indigenous people from Aluna (the Heart of the World), what we call the Sierra Nevada, Colombia.

They live in service to nature. Caring for our mother is their focus, their mission and their reason for living. If there’s paradise at the end of the rainbow, they live in it.

They’re worried about us. Not because we don’t have enough money, but because we don’t have enough spirit. They say that we’ve forgotten how to connect to nature and how to do our part to nurture and care for her so she can care for us.

They are traveling from their home because The Mother of Us All has asked told them that she needs their help in North America and you are being offered the opportunity to join them.

You are invited to experience their deep, profound and simple work, take what you learn out into the world and back into your communities, and receive an incredible personal blessing.

A public invitation to work directly with  Arhuaco, Kogi and Wiwa Elders of the Sierra Nevada is not offered lightly.

If you want to feel a deeper connection to Mother Nature, experience deep peace, learn to think with your heart, and
feel the magic of water like never before, join us.

Applications for admission must be received by May 15, 2018. Acceptance letters will be emailed by May 30. If accepted, participants must commit to the training by June 5, 2018 and pay tuition in full by June 27.

— Have you ever thought when you heard “listen to your heart” that you’d like to be better at knowing how to do that? The mamos and zagas are best known for their heart intelligence. They will help you access a level of heart connection you never thought possible – you never even considered.

Room and Board included in Tuition.  Organic wholesome meals will be provided. 


All Inclusive International Samadhi Breathwork & Meditation Retreats 

Samadhi Pada: Samadhi Breathwork Entry Level Training on Great Barrier Island in New Zealand

Integrating the Experience of Contemplation; (Finding the “sweet spot” in Meditation and getting free) Feb 7-16, 2019

MGP_6961-5 MGP_6905-4 MGP_6746-1 MGP_6655-2 MGP_6629-1Find yourself again and more fully in this incredible natural setting on an island with a population of only 800 people. Walk or bike to the beach or to the natural hots springs and eat incredible organic food grown in volcanic soil.

–  All-inclusive (organic meals; accommodations; tuition)

– Starts at  6:00PM first day, ends at 11:00 AM last day

– Intensive, limited to 6 participants (space remaining)

Samadhi Pada: Samadhi Breathwork Entry Level Training: Integrating the Experience of Contemplation; (Finding the “sweet spot” in Meditation and getting free) Feb 7-16, 2019 $2700.00