Mayan Energy Therapy

I received my  training in Mayan Healing Arts from Brooke Still, 24th generation curandera of an unbroken lineage of Mayan Shamans. 

Electromagnetic Restorationaura-layers-chart

Have you felt strange or tired or do your ears buzz when you are too close to power lines? You can’t see the electric pulse, but you can feel it. 

Electromagnetic Restoration raises the body’s vibration above the lower frequencies that harm our electromagnetic bodies such as cell phones, high tension power lines, computer screens, and any electronic device.

How? An Electromagnetic Healing tunes all layers of the aura to higher vibrational frequencies and ultimately refreshes the vibration of the entire being.

Why do we experience low vibrations? When we experience emotional trauma the chaotic energy that accompanies it triggers fear in our etheric as well as our physical bodies. The physical body does not fully heal if the etheric body is in trauma.

This is the basic concept of all Shamanic work. Shamans work with your spirit to help you heal your body. When we clear the body on an etheric level we are free to inform our realities from an empowered place, which means we have cleaner electromagnetic resonance and we are not adversely affected by lower vibrations that manifest as low energy, fear and pain in the body.

chac mool

Chac Mool

A Chac Mool healing calls on the power of rain and lightning to facilitate a deep and very powerful cleansing of everything in your life that does not serve you and aids you in gathering energy to call in more life force (energy), strength, love, focus for your intentions, light and connection to spirit. It supports you in manifesting prosperity, healing and peace.  

I carry a lineage of African deities with the same attributes as Chac Mool. This is one healing that connects me to the Mayan lineage through my Taino ancestors.

ix chelIx Chel

This Healing exposes the etheric body to The Light. It calls in Divine Energy to turn the body inside out and back again on an energetic level to cleanse, clear and bless the entire being. This is a similar concept to Electromagnetic Restoration and I feel in my work it is best used as a “level 2” 21 days after Electromagnetic Restoration.

Ix Chel Is a healer and Goddess of plant medicine. She knows all the healing gifts of the earth. From her life is born and to her the earthly depart. She is Moon Goddess and maiden, mother and crone.

Often called Lady Rainbow, Ix Chel offers another direct connection to my African ancestry.





This healing is excellent for healing join pain in the body. It is also unparalleled for alignment when one feels out of joint or “off”. This healing is why I grow the Mexican marigolds that are generously overflowing in my backyard.

.Xociquetzal is a Goddess of fertility, beauty, female sexual power, love an truth. She is also the protector of crafts practiced by women such as weaving and embroidery.


The exchange for all Mayan Healings is $180.00