shasta temple sierraContribute to the Global Initiative to Feed Mother Earth’s Energy and Liberate the Heart of the World 

The image is of the mamos building one of 2 Munchukwa (temples) in the Sierra, a female and a male, dedicated to sustaining and reinforcing the work we did in Mt. Shasta in September of 2017. 

For those of you who generously donated to help us bring Kogi and Arhuaco shamans to Mt. Shasta, Thank you so much! Your donations made it possible for us to do beautiful work and have a rich and beautiful experience.

Those of us who were there on 9/9 could feel, see and hear a palpable response from nature. Our beautiful pagemento (giving back to Mother Earth and honoring her service to all life) was well received. As affirmation, birds joined us in large numbers to happily sing as we did our work,many of us heard singing from a direction we couldn’t place, as if angelic voices were welcoming us, there were gentle breezes at key moments, images of whales and dolphins in the clouds, we heard thunder as we raised our voices in gratitude, and a general lightness of heart and childlike peace came over us all. Oh what a a joy to spend the day with like-minded tribe doing sacred work.

The work continues. Please click HERE  to donate via “paypal” in any amount to mary@marygaetjens.comIf you prefer to send a check or have any questions, please send an email by clicking HERE

I can attest that the deepest experiences of heart-centered awareness I’ve had in my life were waiting for me when I arrived in the Sierra Nevada. I’ve now been on 3 journeys into The Heart of the World and each time my experience deepens to a level that makes the previous level seem as if it was child’s play. I’ve traveled all over the world and since going to the Sierra for the first time last December I’ve lost the desire to go anywhere else. It’s that amazing. It’s that pure and magical and glorious. There are 3-5 spaces remaining.

When you donate, you are contributing to our main objective which is liberate the land in the heart of the world (buy back the native lands of the 4 families (the Arhuaco, Wiwa, Kogi, and Kankuamo) and facilitate future journeys from the Sierra to other locations on the planet to activate, energetically restore and honor Mother Earth and awaken human consciousness in how to care for Our Mother.

Ten years ago I only knew of the Kogi. I’d read about them. There was no admittance to where they lived in the Sierra Nevada unless you had an invitation. I asked about them whenever I met someone from Colombia, and if I happened to be having a conversation about consciousness with someone and almost 100% of the time, no one I spoke to had ever heard of the Kogi. The few that had heard of them didn’t know anything about how to contact them. Since they are known as incredible psychics, I decided to put out a call to the universe. I petitioned psychically for 10 years before the Kogi of the Sierra Nevada answered my call. They answered because the paradigm shift on the planet, the shift I’ve been watching, and you’ve probably been watching build since we were children is happening NOW.

The 4 families believe it’s urgent that we act now to restore the power centers of the planet and that we secure and protect the Sierra Nevada, what they believe to be the Heart of the World. They are passionate. They act very seriously like EMT’s on a mission to save lives. They’re worried about us. Not because we don’t have enough money, but because we don’t have enough spirit. We’ve forgotten how to talk to nature, how to do our part to nurture and care for her so she can care for us.

Kogi (2 of 2)In September, one Arhuaco and one Kogi Mamo, with the support of our group, shifted energy at Mt. Shasta from chaos to gentle joy and now I believe too. If we can do what we did at Mt. Shasta all over the world the people of the world will feel it and they will heal and the Mother will heal.

The mamos (male shamans) and zagas (female shamans) divine our trajectory. Direct guidance from and dialogue with The Mother has been clear. We are not doing business, we are fulfilling intention and promise that on every level in every molecule of our beings. No one, including the people of the Sierra who from there perspective have no more or less to loose then any of us, are in this for personal gain. We are in service to Her as one. Our mission is focused on discovery. We are being the listening. We’re sharing. We’re authentic and transparent. We’re not attempting to convince anyone of anything. We’re sending out sonar and the landscape is forming as it builds. One thing is constant: Our mission is to anchor the heart of humanity into the heart of The Mother and no one in the current of what we’re creating will be out of alignment with that.

The Elders (mamos and zagas) of the Sierra believe it’s urgent that we act now to restore the power centers of the planet and that we secure and protect the Heart of the World. They are passionate. They act very seriously like EMT’s on a mission to save lives.

Every day I get news from the Sierra. Today I heard from Kandymaku, the secretary general for the 4 families, that a large donation from the World Bank was refused.

3 Aspects of the Global Initiative to Feed The Mother:

1. Financial/Material – Make it possible for the mamos and zagas to travel and return to the Sierra to feed the pagementos and maintain the energy of the sacred sites they activate.

2. Physical Connection – The people who worked with the mamos in Mt. Shasta created the etheric cord that connects to the temples in the Sierra. Sacred sites need to be visited physically to form strong connections.

3 Trust – The opportunity for the mamos and zagas to build and strengthen a relationship with the little brothers without loosing themselves and their culture. The mamos are learning to trust again. They’ve been taken advantage of in the past. The activation in Mt. Shasta greatly strengthened the mamos. We gave them hope. We showed them that we can work together, that they aren’t alone.

1 Aspect to Liberate the Territory in the Heart of the World (buy back sacred lands): The heart must be protected or the body will die.

land that needs a fenceThis is Gaira (gathering or meeting point – considered the navel of the world), 400 hectares and part of the Linea Negra (the energy points that they use to make pagamento) . The 4 families need to take possession of the land immediately, or it may be revoked. Taking possession means that they have to fence the land, they need to pay for a topography study, and pay the taxes.

The indigenous of the Sierra Nevada live in service to nature. Caring for our mother is their focus, their mission and their reason for living. I’ve been with them twice in Colombia, in the “heart of the world”. If there’s an ideal garden or a paradise at the end of the rainbow, they live in it.

By contributing, you awaken a deeper heart/mind connection within your being and ignite the flame for what will ultimately be a world-wide journey to  honor, clear, activate and heal the world’s power centers. We deeply appreciate your support and our grateful that you’ve joined our community.This is a very special, precious and unprecedented opportunity to participate in a deeply restorative event for one of the earth’s main power centers.  
Thank you so much.