About Me

I can empathize with injury and constant pain because I have personal experience with both.From October of 1992 to January of 1996 I went to doctors, osteopaths, neurologists, physical therapists and surgeons looking for relief from injuries resulting from a near fatal accident. The ultimate diagnosis was that I would be on pain medication for the rest of my life and that I would need at least two operations on my cervical spine. I was told I would never be pain free without the operations, though I would likely be in less pain after the surgeries. There was a chance that the operations would leave me paralyzed.

I opted for constant pain and postural anomaly.

In February of 1996 I met my husband who was also suffering from injuries. Together we became guinea pigs for anything we heard of in hope that we would eventually find a way to overcome our injuries. We became students of the techniques we liked and eventually learned to work on each other. We also became extremely interested in diet, which became an important component of our healing.

We have both been pain free for years now.

My personal healing journey led me to train as a yoga teacher, Clarity Breathwork practitioner and in various healing modalities. Ultimately I’ve created my own style of Breathwork called Samadhi Breathwork.

My goal is to help others unite the spirit and the body and continue to do this for myself. I have been actively doing healing and spiritual work since 1996.