Magical Mystery Tour to the Center of US

I took Neite to the airport yesterday and went directly to San Ramon to see Amma. Being held in the soft, powerful unconditional love that Amma provides is more nurturing every time I experience it because I grow in the space between her visits and have more space to receive what she offers. This time I had exponential capacity because I’d spent the week before with Neite. Ahhhh, Grace.
The courageous beings that joined Neite and I last weekend us are set up to experience a healthier, happier, fuller life.
We shifted energy that was running us from the inside out and vibrating in every cell of our bodies.
I knew that energy passed from our ancestors to us. What I didn’t realize was that it was running me on such a deep level on a daily basis. Wow. All the suffering that was literally eating me alive, gone for good. Good riddance.
sacredgeometryWe also talked about sacred geometry with Neite. For instance, the number twelve has a special meaning in nature. It’s the only true square number (12 x 12 = 144). In frequency 12 denotes perfect vibration vertically and horizontally. When the horizontal and vertical planes of a perfect square intersect in humans we call it DNA activation. DNA activation is basic sequencing for genesis, the creation of the universe. Nothing + an idea = genesis and 12 is the crystal clearest opportunity for creating.
You don’t need more training. You do need time away to refresh and revitalize the purity and clarity of your spiritual heart, mind and body. Working in aligned connection within community is necessary for growth and what 1 can do, 12 can do 12x as well.
If you know someone who would benefit from being 1 of our 12 in Mt. Shasta, someone who wants to relax and sink into a tub of yum while learning how to navigate, befriend and consciously explore their inner-worlds so that they can thrive out here in the world, please let them know the opportunity to do so is available and it’s running out. There isn’t much time to join us for this magical mystery tour to the center of US. We don’t want our 12 to miss this train.
They can save their space by registering with a deposit for the September 3-10 retreat by clicking HERE. There are only 2 spaces left for August 29-September 2, register by clicking HERE