Hindu 4 States vs. Neuroscience

I teach the Hindu 4 state method in Samadhi Breathwork. I also talk about electrical phenomena in the brain because it’s easier for westerners to relate to and it interests me that there’s an extra state of mind in neurosicence, The beta state encompases critical thinking, but also anxiety. Around 7000 BCE when the Hindu method was developed the beta state did not exist. I’m sure people expeinced fear and axiety, like when they had to run from wild animals, but today it is the default state and then it must have been rare since it wasn’t given a place in methodology. Alpha brain waves define the 2nd state of consciousness which is the daydreamy hypnotic state in which we experience mental imagery that seems to come out of nowhere. Alpha states are considered the gateway to meditation. Theta waves are 3rd state, when our brain waves are in this range suppressed emotions become conscious and creativity is born. Delta waves are 3rd state and define a deep state of consciousness. Gamma waves are 4thbrain-waves-thoughts-meditation state and are debatable in neuroscience. Even though many lamas have been proven to produce gamma waves (the Dali Lama is very interested in scientific studies) people in the general population don’t, so neuroscience really doesn’t know what to do with it. Hindu Philosophy didn’t try to define it because they consider it indescribably profound and beyond the mind’s comprehension.