Reclaim Your Power in Emeryville May 25-28

If members of the African Diaspora reclaimed the power that was stolen from them and twisted into something so dark that even now, hundreds of years later, their descendants believe their own spiritual power is evil; if they challenged what was beaten into them by oppressors and gave voice to what was never fully broken for them, their spirits, could balance be restored? I believe so which is why I’m offering the opportunity for people to walk through the gate to personal transformation
If you have Haitian ancestry, are a member of the African Diaspora, or want to understand more about African history and culture, join Néité Décimus and Mary Gaetjens to open your spirit, mind and body to energetic possibilities that have been lying dormant within you, ones that are your birthright to understand and work with and dispel cultural misunderstanding and spiritual prejudice in the process.
We have an infinite amount of potential. It’s so necessary, especially in these times to learn to open to it and honor it. All you have to do is show up.  Everything out of alignment will naturally fall away when you re-member who you really are.
Breathe into Mystery School Training with Mary Maya and Néité Décimus, M. Ed May 25-28, 2017 at Yogic Nature in Emeryville, Ca.
Open the Door to Sacred Space & Awaken the Ripple of Spirit that Inspires a Wave of Change.
Offered at 2 for 1 UNTIL FULL. Limited to 12 Participants  Register Nowfor this Powerful Personal Retreat.
  • Access and ground consciousness so deeply in your being that fear will never again have it’s way with you.
  • Awaken to self-guidance that will infuse divine grace into every area of your life.
  • Be given tools that will help you manifest your ideal life.
  • Gain the ability to exponentially increase positive growth in all of your relationships and business ventures.
  • Learn to recognize energetic patterns in your life that work, and easily eliminate what’s out of alignment.
  • Replace fear, resentment, and disappointment with truth, peace and joy.
Néité Décimus, M. Ed of Lakou Papiyon will share with you the power, love and light of Haitian Mysticism. He is a Haitian born Vaudou Priest, anthropologist and mental health counselor dedicated to helping people open the gate to their fullest potential.

Mary Gaetjens has studied sacred teachings her entire life. Mother Nature, shamans, prophets, sages, mages, scholars, and witches have guided her and ask that she Marynow share what she’s learned  with others. She’s developed an experiential self-healing practice that frees the spirit/mind/body by releasing and dissolving anything in the way of living life fully, blissfully, peacefully and abundantly.