Breathe into Mystery School Training

The only reason the mamos (shamans) and their Kogi and Arhuaco communities believe they exist is to be in service to nature. They live that service 24/7.
I was in Colombia in the Sierra Nevada last month working with an Arhuaco Mamo. One of the things the mamo said during our work together was that Africa is the most energetic place on the planet, but her people have forgotten how to resonate with nature. He meant Mother Nature, he also meant their own nature, and he meant everybody.
We’ve forgotten how to notice let alone work with the gifts that Mother Nature selflessly provides and we’ve forgotten how to work with the immensely powerful nature of our own beings.
We were born to be powerful, clear, free, at peace, in heartfelt gratitude.
We can remember how to manifest happy, healthy, loving lives full of magic and mystery. We can regain the ability to access what the Arhuaco and Kogi know. The earth is a patient teacher and when we are right relationship with her we automatically understand how to be in right relationship with ourselves.
Are you ready to remember? Are you ready to release all struggle and strife in your life? Are you willing to meet the potential of your vast immortal eternal infinite being free of the constraints that have you bound? 
Imagine how far you can go with your potential unchained and you know a fraction of what will be yours when you put yourself in the right place at the right time.
May 25-28 I’ll have the honor and opportunity to co-lead Breathe into Mystery School Training with Néité Décimus.

You’ve been waiting for what we will share your entire lives. Please don’t wait any longer. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to shift the energy of fear and pain into unfathomable joy and freedom. 
Once your recognize how to unlock your potential there will be nothing beyond your grasp. The time is NOW! REGISTER HERE
  • Access and ground consciosness so deeply in your being that fear will never again have it’s way with you.
  • Awaken to self-guidance that will infuse divine grace into every area of your life.
  • Recognize how to use the building blocks of manifestation to form your ideal life.
  • Gain the ability to recognize and inform the energetic patterns in your life that work, increase their effectivelness and easily eliminate what’s out of alignment.
  • Replace fear, resentment, and disappointment with truth, peace and joy.


 I’ve walked the path of the sacred teachings my entire life. Mother Nature, shamans, prophets, sages, mages, scholars, and witches have guided me and are now asking that I share what I’ve learned in a way I never have before.
Please make the biggest, most powerful effort in your being to with Neite and I in May and if you absolutely can’t join us please share the opportunity with someone whose ready to catch this train.
Thanks so much.
Love, Mary Maya
Learn How to Open the Door to your own Sacred Space and Awaken the Ripple of Spirit that Inspires a Wave of Change.
with Mary Maya and Néité Décimus, M. Ed May 25-28, 2017 at Yogic Nature in Emeryville. 
2 FOR 1 UNTIL FULL.  Limited to 12 Participants   Register Now for this Powerful Personal Retreat

Last year Néité was in line at the bank when he realized he was having a stroke. He asked someone to call an ambulance. The first hospital he landed in sent him to a second because they couldn’t fathom why his body didn’t respond normally, meaning, he was suffering no neurological damage.
He joked that he was handing out business cards in the hospital because the nurses and doctors that cared for him wanted him to teach them about what he did – he knew how to completely control his mind and spirit to navigate the energetic world of his body and tell it not to shut down.
 Néité Décimus, M. Ed of Lakou Papiyon will share with you the power, love and light of Haitian Mysticism. He is a Haitian born Vaudou Priest, anthropologist and mental health counselor descended from a lineage of shamans devoted to healing through the light.
His knowledge of how to work with the natural and supernatural world and give you an experience, a transmission of what that means is unparalleled.

Get your Lymphatic System Working Better 
Oxygenate your Blood (Remove Disease)
Release Stress
Create Well Being (Build Oxytocin)
Release Aches and Pains
Reduce Fear
Create a Natural Internal Antidepressant
Increase Conscious Compassion
Discover Your Authentic Self
Ignite your Intuition
Activate Full Body Awareness….
….and So Much More.

YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER to avoid the $10.00 exchange increase at the door. Failure to register will result in being turned away if the event is full. Space is extremely limited.
Please remember to bring a water bottle,  pillow, warm blankets or a sleeping bag, and a comfy mat to lie on if you have one.