Sacred Journeys to the Heart of the Earth with the Arhuaco Elders


In Chinese symbolism the waterfall represents a rejuvenated sacred feminine, cleansed after a re-birth. The cliff it falls from represents the divine masculine.
When I was in Columbia the Kogi gave me the name Seyneywig (Say-na-be-jing) it means the balance – between feminine and masculine, center and edge, noonday sun and full moon, ying and yang, harmony and discord, depths and shallows, natural and inorganic. They told me to use my new name as a mantra and in doing so I find that I am deepening into a clearer sense of the elements of my body on a cellular level and thereby connecting to the elements of the earth and finding my way multi-dimensionally in the ethers. I also have a very strong sense of what’s in alignment and what’s not.
The Kogi and Arhuaco Elders have asked me to share their teachings with you. It is inside you and I can guide you to open into it through the breath. 
It is still possible to take advantage of Commit to Freedom
We have an infinite amount of potential. It’s so necessary especially in these times to learn to open to it.
Seyneywig ;). You can still call me Mary or Maya