The only Anti-Trump rally you can do from your coach (or Zafu)

Growing up in northern New Hampshire this was is the time of year that was most difficult. It was below zero nearly every day. We got up before dawn, went to school or work and came home after it was dark. Some days the sun shown brightly, but those days were a mixed blessing because it was colder with no cloud cover. It seemed like winter would never end.

There was a glimmer of hope on Valentine’s day, a beautiful red rose or pink carnation. They were too expensive to buy, but we could walk into the local florist shop and see them – exotic, brightly luminous gifts of nature boldly shining when everything around us seemed lifeless.

This morning I thought, if an Act of God lifted the partners of Dakota Access, LLC out of their cozy ivory towers and plopped them in Patoka, Illinois and gave them a backpack and no bottled water would it help them understand the gravity of what they’re doing? Would they survive the 362 hour, 1,109 mile walk to Stanley, Illinois? Would it be a rite of passage that left them with a sense of empathy? Would it give them a sense of respect for Mother Nature? What do you think?

Since my phone updated there’s a news feed I don’t know how to turn off so the first and last thing I see when I look at my phone is that Frito-Lay colored fascist. In order to stay above the Cheetos dust I have to meditate and do Breathwork to keep sane. If I don’t do my practice before sleep, I dream about war.

Even though I wake up to the sun shining and it’s already spring in California it’s the darkest coldest winter of my life and that is saying a lot.

This is my make or break year. Breaking is more possible then ever and there’s no choice but to wake up fully. Waffling and toe dipping are no longer options. That’s why Supriya and I are offering opportunities to go deeper then ever into how to get and stay free. Mastery retreats are not for everyone, they’re for people ready to jump a train because they realize they need a community who supports what they are seriously up to.

Those who join us for the dive, especially those who sign up to work with us for the entire year, will be making a decision to wake up fully. That’s just how it is. Anyone who wants a profoundly proficient and finally truly successful way to rise above it and get down in it without loosing their minds this is the answer. It just IS.

I just facilitated Samadhi Breathwork and shared some of what I learned in Columbia with the Kogi and Arhuaco at a women’s retreat. My work in the world is on an entirely new level and it was so glorious to be in a group of women who were supporting each other in manifesting their dreams. It inspired me to explore more and more how the empowered sacred feminine is rocking this world. This video of the female leaders at Standing Rock speaks to the power of the divine feminine so clearly. If we stand together as mothers stand in front of their children, if we are willing to do what it takes, we can not fail.

This video of a Kuwaiti Muslim who was able to rise above prejudice and break a life long multi generational lineage of hate. It proves that when we break bread together and listen to each other anything is possible.


Mary Maya