Meeting the Kogi and Arhuaco

I just got back from spending time with the Kogi and Arhuaco in Columbia. It was as wonderful as I’d imagined it would be. I’d been hoping for over a decade to be invited.

DSC_7916TheĀ IndigenousĀ of Columbia have the entire Sierra Nevada Mountain Range as their territory and the only way to visit is as a guest.
Our guide told us that we were the first group to ever visit the village where we began our first adventure, in Kogi Land.
According to legend we went to the heart of the world in the center of the universe. I have never been somewhere so completely peaceful. I was entirely still and so far have been able to maintain that back in the frenzy of daily life.
I have over 1200 images that I’m sorting through. I added this one, a photograph of a rock with ants busily carrying leaves and flowers home with the mountain of memories in the background for two main reasons. 1: because it took a degree of presence to notice the ants and their journey in relation to ours as I was generally rushing to catch up since I paused often to photograph 2: because from the smallest to the tallest if we do our part we do make a difference. If we can pull our weight (an ant can pull 1000 times it’s weight) we have an infinite amount of potential.